Stay Slim, lightweight two tier curved top keyboard stand with carry bag, blue finish

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STAY 2-Tier Keybaord Stand with Curved Top Tier - BLUE

Looking for the simplicity and beauty of a column keyboard stand for a smaller, lighter rig? STAY’s SLIM series has you covered with an ultra-lightweight, sturdy keyboard stand. Available in five colours (Black, Silver, Red, Blue, White) with two tiers or two tiers with curved top arms to accommodate the smallest of keyboards with no slippage. Options: Straight arms are also available separately.



  • Maximum load capacity: 20Kg (10Kg per tier)
  • Automotive Paint
  • Top tier arms curved to accommodate smaller keyboards
  • Ultra fast assembling
  • Product net weight: starting at 2,8 Kg!
  • Available in 5 colours: White, Black, Silver, Red, Blue
  • Tote Bag included!


  • Application: Support for Keyboards / Peripherals

    Maximum height: 1100mm

    Capacity: Supports keyboards with up to 61 keys

    Maximum Weight Capacity: 20kg (Do not exceed 10.0kg per pair of arms)

    Material: Aluminum

    Finishing: Special Hard-Wearing Paint

    Colours: Black, Silver, Red, Blue and White

    Weight: 2.9Kg