SBPULSE -Pulse metronome

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Soundbrenner Pulse metronome

  • Vibrating Metronome: 7 times more powerful than the vibrating motor in a smartphone or smartwatch.
  • Custom Rhythms: Choose the time signature and subdivision and even set accents.
  • Rhythm & Setlist Library: Save your custom rhythms, organize them into setlists, and keep your library in sync across all of your mobile devices automatically.
  • BPM Tap: Tap on the Soundbrenner Pulse to quickly set your own tempo.
  • Multi-Player Sync: Connect up to 5 Pulse units to a single smartphone or tablet and feel the beat together.
  • DAW Integration: Sync up your Soundbrenner Pulse to popular Digital Audio Workstations, including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro and more.


The Soundbrenner Pulse is the world's first smart wearable metronome designed for musicians, by musicians.

The Pulse challenges tradition. Unlike the metronomes of old, it replaces the distracting audio "click" with strong, tactile vibrations that pulse the beat directly onto the body, freeing your ears to listen to the music that you are playing.
Sync the Pulse to modern day technology by connecting the device through its free to use companion app, enabling you to customise the BPM, accents, subdivisions, LED lights, and to create full set lists via the apps super intuitive operating system.

Sync up to five Pulse devices to one smart phone, so the whole band can feel the beat. By combining its unique hardware and software into one award-winning, holistic solution, Soundbrenner offers a revolutionary platform that empowers musicians to master rhythm and timing better and faster, making teaching, practice and performance more enjoyable and effective than ever before.


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