REON RE501SE drift box SE - 4 Voice Paraphonic Synthesizer

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drift box SE - 4 Voice Paraphonic Synthesizer 

The drift box SE is a dual DCO 4-voice paraphonic analogue desktop sythesizer. Despite its small form factor, the drift box SE is capable of powerful cross modulation and complex sounds, comparable to larger modular systems. The sound source consists of two oscillators each with a massive 10KHz bandwidth. Both oscillators offer six waveform types including two types of noise.




Oscillator and FM sync is provided with variable modulation depth controls per oscillator, the versatile EG has switchable AD/ASR and INV/NOR modes, to sculpt filter, pitch, and amp envelope.

Joystick Control

A 4-axis joystick is provided to control pitch and filter with a variable depth control to set the joystick control range. Both X and Y axis can be selectively disabled by independent toggle switches.


Equipped with numerous input and output terminals, the drift box SE can be triggered via MIDI or CV GATE. A CV link switch allows each VCO to be either triggered from a single, or two independent CV sources. CV inputs included for external control of the VCA and filter, all with a working range of 0 -10 VDC.

Made in Japan

REON drift boxes are handcrafted in Osaka Japan using traditional thru-hole components, resulting in products that deliver a truly authentic analogue experience. Presented in a semi-modular format, drift boxes bridge both conventional and modular worlds, delivering a product that can be used independently or integrated into almost any synth setup.



  • All analogue circuits
  • 2 VCOs 0.1 -10KHz sweep
  • 24dB Rudder-type low-pass filter
  • Joystick cross modulation control

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