REON RE501RM drift box RM - Analogue Synthesizer MIDI input + cv/gate

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RE501RM Driftbox R
RE501RM Driftbox R
RE501RM Driftbox R
RE501RM Driftbox R
RE501RM Driftbox R

drift box RM - Analogue Synthesizer

drift box R MIDI is a dual VCO analogue desktop synthesizer. Despite its small form factor, the drift box R MIDI is capable of powerful cross modulation and complex sounds, comparable to larger modular systems. The sound source consists of two VCOs each with a massive 10KHz bandwidth.




Oscillator and FM sync is provided with variable modulation depth controls per VCO, the versatile EG has switchable AD/ASR and INV/NOR modes, to sculpt filter, pitch, and amp envelope.

Connectivity and Interfacing

Equipped with numerous input and output terminals, the drift box R can be triggered via MIDI or CV GATE. A CV link switch allows each VCO to be either triggered from a single, or two independent CV sources. CV inputs included for external control of the VCA and filter, all with a working range of 0 -10 VDC.

Made in Japan

REON drift boxes are handcrafted in Osaka Japan using traditional thru-hole components, resulting in products that deliver a truly authentic analogue experience. Presented in a semi-modular format, drift boxes bridge both conventional and modular worlds, delivering a product that can be used independently or integrated into almost any synth setup.



  • Dual voice
  • MIDI key trigger, pitch and porta control
  • Pitch EG MOD
  • OSC sync and X-MOD
  • AR D/S envelope generator
  • 24dB low-pass filter
  • 2 VCOs 0.1 -10KHz sweep
  • All analogue circuits

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