BEATLAB mini Metronome and Rhythm Trainer

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BEATLAB mini Metronome and Rhythm Trainer

  • Metronome function with a generous selection of patterns
  • Training function that checks and improves your sense of rhythm
  • Sound out function is convenient for tuning your drums
  • Time/Stopwatch function can be used in a variety of ways
  • High-volume built-in speaker and headphone output
  • Large backlight LCD display
  • Two-way clip that holds the unit in a variety of positions
  • Includes a contact microphone for trigger detection


A metronome and rhythm trainer designed for the drummer and percussionist. Develop your sense of rhythm with interactive training modes.

Rhythm practice using a metronome is indispensable for any musician, especially for the drummer and percussionist. In the past, rhythm practice has been excruciatingly dull and boring, consisting simply of striking a practice pad in time with a metronome. Furthermore, since you have only a subjective judgement as to whether or not your rhythm is correct, many players find it difficult to keep themselves motivated to practice. That's where the BEATLAB mini comes in; it's a training tool that lets you practice rhythm more accurately and enjoyably. In addition to a versatile metronome function that includes a wide range of sounds, including human voice and real drum pattern sounds, this unit provides a training function that detects and evaluates the discrepancy between the metronome and the notes that you play. This means that you can develop a perfect sense of rhythm by using by treating rhythm training as if you were playing a game.

Metronome function with a generous selection of patterns

The BEATLAB mini provides a generous selection of the rhythm patterns that are indispensable for practising a percussion instrument. The tempo can be adjusted over a wide range of 30-300 beats per minute, and you can specify the time signature and rhythm individually to meet your rhythm training needs for a variety of songs and styles. In addition to conventional electronic metronome sounds, there's also a rich range of PCM sounds. Mechanical metronome sounds that won't fatigue your ear even at high-volume listening, male and female voices that make it easy to tell your beat within the rhythm, and realistic drum pattern sounds with snare, cymbal and claves are some of the 30 available choices, meeting the needs of drummers and percussionists in any musical style.

Training function that checks and improves your sense of rhythm

The BEATLAB mini provides a training mode that lets you objectively check your own sense of rhythm. If you connect the included contact mic to the unit's TRIGGER jack and attach it to your snare or practice pad, the BEATLAB mini detects the sound of your strikes and measures the slight discrepancy in tempo between your playing and the sound of the metronome. The amount of the discrepancy is indicated audibly. For example, if a male or female voice is selected, you'll be informed whether you're TOO FAST or TOO SLOW if you're correct, the voice tells you plainly GOOD, GREAT, WONDERFUL or PERFECT. This lets you check your own rhythm in real time with ease. After evaluation, your score at keeping the rhythm and your overall tendencies are shown in the display, allowing you to monitor your progress as you continue to practice. How strictly your rhythm is evaluated and the trigger sensitivity can be adjusted in detail to correspond with your ability and the devices with which you're practising. From the beginner who has just started their instrument up to the veteran who just wants to verify their rhythmic sense, the BEATLAB mini will support your rhythm training as your very own dedicated and personalized trainer.

Sound Out function is convenient for tuning your drums

The sound out function can generate a one-octave reference tone. Since you can specify the calibration setting, this also provides a convenient way to tune your drums before practising.

Timer/Stopwatch function can be used in a variety of ways

A timer function and stopwatch function are provided for convenience in time-keeping during rehearsal when you're performing on stage, or for any other purpose.

High-volume built-in speaker and headphone output

A volume adjustment dial is provided for the built-in speaker and headphone output, and there's plenty of volume to meet the needs of the percussionist. You can use the rhythm trainer with a constantly audible metronome sound that won't be drowned out by the sound of your drums or percussion.

Large backlight LCD display

The large LCD shows the metronome movement and settings at a glance, and the high-brightness backlight ensures great visibility. The unique disk-shaped body is easy to grip with one hand, and the numerous physical buttons mean that you have quick access to all the functions.

The two-way clip that holds the unit in a variety of positions

A clip with excellent holding power is provided on the rear surface of the lightweight and compact BEATLAB, so you can attach it directly to your belt in a position that won't get in your way while performing. Pulling out the clip transforms it into a stand, letting you place the unit in a stable position on a table. Also provided is a convenient strap hole that's convenient when using the unit as a stopwatch.

Includes a contact microphone for trigger detection

The CM-200 high-sensitivity contact mic is included for trigger detection. You can attach this mic to your practice pad or snare, or even to a magazine or table; any object that the clip will grip to transmit to transmit its vibration. The moment you get your BEATLAB mini, you can immediately start accurate rhythm training wherever you are.

The line-up includes a limited set with that includes a practice pad

The ‘BEATLAB mini + Pad’ limited set is available, packaging the BEATLAB mini with a 6-inch practice pad. It's the ideal set for any amateur who is just starting serious rhythm training.



Metronome Mode

  • Tempo Range: 30 - 300 beats per minute (bpm)
  • Tempo Setting: Pendulum Step, Full Step, Tap Tempo
  • Rhythm: Quarter, Eighth, Triplets, Triplets with inner beat omitted, Triplets with the third beat omitted, Quadruplets, Quadruplets with middle beats omitted, Quadruplets with the third and fourth beats omitted
  • Voice: Mechanical metronome, Electronic metronome, Male-voice metronome, Female-voice metronome
  • Pattern: Snare x 23, Ride Cymbal x 1, Son Clave x 2, Rumba Clave x 2, Bossa Nova Clave x 2
  • Tempo Accuracy: +/- 0.2 %

Training Mode

  • Mode: Female-voice mode, Male-voice mode, Sound mode
  • Grade: 1 - 6
  • Trigger Sensitivity: 1 - 30

Sound Out Mode

  • Reference Pitch: 12 tone equal temperament C4 - B4 (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B)
  • Calibration Range: 438 - 445 Hz (1 Hz steps)
  • Reference Pitch Precision: +/- 1 cent or better

Timer and Stopwatch

  • Time Range: 1 - 99 minutes
  • Stopwatch Setting Range: 0.1 second - 99 minutes 59.9 seconds

Main Specifications

  • Connectors: TRIGGER jack (1/4" monaural phone jack), PHONES jack (1/8" stereo mini phone jack)
  • Speaker: Dynamic Speaker (23 mm, MAX. 0.5W)
  • Power Supply: Two AAA batteries (3V)
  • Battery Life:
    • Approximately 20 hours (tempo 120, beat 4, rhythm Quarter, voice 1 when using alkaline batteries).
    • Approximately 10 hours (tempo 120, beat 4, rhythm Quarter, voice 1, when using zinc-carbon batteries)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 82 x 82 x 27 mm / 3.23" x 3.23" x 1.06"
  • Weight: 97 g / 3.42 oz. (including batteries)
  • Included Items: Contact Microphone, Two AAA batteries for verifying proper operation. Training Pad (Limited pack "BEATLAB mini + Pad" only)