About Us


KORG began with an idea: use the latest technologies to create the finest electronic musical instruments and allow musicians to sound their very best. This will always remain our passion. Along the way, KORG has earned a reputation of technological leadership, ease-of-use and stunning sound.

KORG was started in 1962 by Tsutomu Katoh and Tadashi Osanai, and from the beginning the ethos was to constantly strive to release new products – often ahead of the time. In 1963 it is this skill that created the first disc-based rhythm machine, the Doncamatic, which led to the development of the first synthesizer in 1988, the M1. The M1 combined sound generation, percussion and sequencing in a single MIDI instrument and brought the concept up to date in one unit. This ambition to continue to create innovative instruments was followed in 1995 by the Korg Trinity. This very successful workstation was the first to feature a large touch-screen as part of the front panel user interface.

By 1999 the iconic Kaoss Pad was launched attracting many fans in professional artists across the globe. The products that appealed to artists kept on coming and in 2002 KORG introduced the microKORG. It is still in production today and is thought to be one of the most popular analogue modeling music synthesizers in recent times.
KORG then marked a return to the Professional arranger market with the introduction of the Pa1X Pro in 2003. The Pa Series continues to be produced today in a specialist KORG R&D center in Italy.

KORG continued to push the boundaries by releasing the OASYS (Open Architecture Synthesis Studio workstation) in 2005. The components of which are still used in many KORG synthesizers today. The most notable successor is KRONOS, the flagship synthesizer workstation. It includes 9 different sound engines which encompass the entire range of KORG synthesis technologies.

Innovation is in our DNA. And yet we remain very human. We are a company of musicians and music enthusiasts who see ourselves as your musical partner. Like you, we love great sounds, we love a good interface and we love music. We're KORG. Welcome